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Hustle for that Muscle

The number one excuse for not exercising is “I don’t have time”.

Have you ever said that? 

I have and believe me if you were to spend a day in our home you would understand why.  But I have discovered that one of the best things you can do to maximize your time and keep fitness as a priority is right in your hands.

Organize Your Closet Using StyleBook. Take pictures of your outfits (including your accessories, shoes and even hair styles) on your phone.   That way when you wake up in the morning and decide what you’re in the mood to wear, you can simply swipe through your virtual closet and save yourself so much time and energy.
Download MyFitnessPal. I LOVE myfitnesspal simply because it allows you to log what you’re eating and makes you think twice before choosing your food…especially while traveling.
Make Lists Using Evernote.  My grocery list, meal plan, book list and even blogs are all on my phone.  I use an app called Evernote that categorizes and stores information so that it is easy to find and use when needed.  You can even sync Evernote with your PC and convert your notes to text messages.
Stay Connected. I use facebook, twitter and instagram for a purpose…to stay inspired.  I follow people and pages that I admire and who have information that will add value to my life.  At all costs, I avoid being too attached to how many “likes” I receive or wasting precious time following my newsfeed every minute of the day.  I also turn off my notifications so that I am not constantly bombarded by every little update which saves me from being distracted.
So no time?  Not really. It’s just time to breakup with the excuses and implement these oh-so-easy ways to maximize your time because that dream of yours needs you to be in the best shape of your life.  Hustle for that muscle, girl!
Brook Marie
Your Fitness Coach

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